The Hermosa Harlots are in the House!

When I met Jessica Robinson, my teammate, I knew we would become fast friends. We’re both yoga instructors, and we both have an ongoing, all-consuming love affair with mountain biking. We work together as cycling guides for Hermosa Tours NW, based in Hood River, Oregon, and it didn’t take long to figure out that we were also a great match on the trail. What I didn’t see coming was the formation of our race team, the Hermosa Harlots, just three weeks after we met!

First race as a team!

We’re pretty excited about what’s in store for us this season. Our focus is the Super-D circuit here in the Pacific Northwest. The first race of the Oregon Super-D series was held in Hood River over Memorial Day weekend. We both hemmed-and-hawwed for awhile about even racing, and as we were registering, we decided to form a team, sponsored by Hermosa Tours NW. Originally, we called ourselves the Hermosa Hotties, but it has morphed into the Hermosa Harlots, as another big sponsor came on board to help us out, Harlot Clothing Co. Thanks Jennifer, we’re excited to be representing in your awesome threads on the course!

In addition to racing, we’re hosting coaching clinics for women to improve their bike-handling skills and overall confidence on the trail, the skinnys, etc., over the course of the summer in Hood River. The first clinic will be held next weekend, June 25. Contact us for more information!

The next Super-D race is the Ashland Mountain Challenge, on Saturday, June 18. I’ll be racing, and hope to make our sponsors proud!

See you on the trail!


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