Ride Log: Post Canyon Training Ride

I have just one token photo from our training ride in Post Canyon yesterday. Yes, I’m pretty lame behind the camera.

Harlot Sighting!

Yesterday was one of those Gorge days we dream about for the better part of the year, the kind that remind us why we live here. Blue skies, perfect temperatures, and wide open vistas provided the ideal conditions for a full-on Post Canyon Training Ride. Read: Pedal up from the bottom, 3,000 some odd feet of climbing, largely on fire road.

We did this very ride about one month ago, right before the Hood River Super-D, in weather so terrible, we questioned our sanity. It was raining, foggy, windy, and cold. I was out of biking shape, and suffering. Yesterday’s ride was completely different in every way, and I dare say, I even enjoyed the spin to the top this time, despite the fact that my drive train needs some serious help and I had to pedal in my little ring the whole way. No matter, we made it, in good time even.

Our original plan was to hit up Three Blind Mice and then cut over to the Super-D track, but we learned that they are logging in the Mitchell Ridge area, so part of the trail is currently closed. Instead, we rode the very top of the Super-D course and cut over to Three Blind Mice, where Jess shredded it properly, and then rode Chorus X and 8-Track down. It was a super fun ride!

Next up: Bend Super-D! Pedally course, so we’ll probably get out for another long ride sometime this week.


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