Ride Log: PRW

We’re having an endless streak of Perfect Riding Weather (PRW) in the Northwest this season. I would love for it NEVER to end, in fact. It’s like riding in heaven: 70-degree days, light breeze, scattered clouds. Occasional rain showers to keep the trails a little tacky. PRW like this can be unheard at the end of June, but we’ll take it!

With PRW and an upcoming race, we couldn’t resist hitting the trail this afternoon. Today’s training ride was a pedal fest up off of Highway 44, where we rode two cross country loops that gave me a decent, but much needed, beating. The Bend Super-D is this weekend, so some pedally-flowy singletrack was definitely a good call.

Of course, my photos of the ride totally suck. I am pretty sure I should be fired as Staff Photographer for the Harlots. I can only manage to pull out my iPhone and snap some badly composed, poorly lit shots:

Jessica, it’s clearly time for you to step in and save these blog posts with your mad photography skills!

Lack of proper documentation aside, the ride was was super fun and just what the legs needed. We’re looking forward to the weekend!

Trails: Knebal Springs, Bottle Prairie, Da Kine, and Eightmile

Riders: Jessica and Val

Miles: approximately 15

Gain: approx. 2,000 feet

Highlights: PRW!, flowy and fun downhill sections, Jessica loving her shorter stem and Maxxis Minion she just put on her rear wheel

Bummers: Val’s sore back, extra driving trying to find Knebal Springs Campground

Next Up: Post and Pinot Ladies Ride tomorrow evening.


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