Ride Log: Multiple Days of Shredding!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with multiple days of shredding. Ideal temps and a rogue thunderstorm that dumped enough rain to provide us with serious Hero Dirt for a few days — a rare mid-summer treat in Post Canyon–was all the motivation we needed to get out on the bike for several days in a row. The upcoming Super-D race is also kicking us into high gear — the prospect of one hour plus at race pace is enough to get me out for some XC riding.

Of course, I barely have any photos of our rides. Jessica just got a new point-and-shoot, so I officially put that ball in her court…

Here’s what I do have:

Oak Ridge Downhill (in Mt. Hood, not Oakridge, OR)

Team Sabotage, approaching one of 37 switchbacks in style!

Nailed it!

At the bottom -- an epic day!


The photo does not do it justice - Mt. Hood

Riders: Jessica, Val, Stephanie, and Mike

Trails: High Prairie, Knebal Springs, Surveyor’s Ridge, Oak Ridge

Miles: approx. 25

Hours: 3.5

Highlights: Perfectly tacky dirt on High Prairie, having the entire trail network to ourselves — yay for mid-week riding!, the rad trail fix we did on my Gravity Dropper, Oakridge switchbacks–all 37 of them!

Bummers: My Gravity Dropper exploding 10 minutes into the ride

Since we’ve ridden nearly every day in the past two weeks, it’s hard to detail each one! There have been multiple Post Canyon rides, including the Post and Pinot Wednesday Night Ladies’ Rides, and one really fun shuttle up to Binn’s Hill Staging Area with the Columbia Area Transit (CAT) Bus.

We rode up to Kingsley Reservoir from Binn’s Hill, to the new Sexy Beast Trail, which drops you right into the saddle at the top of Post Canyon. From there, we shredded the Super-D Course, minus a small section of Mitchell Ridge that is currently being logged. Super fun day!

Riders: Jessica, Val, Jimmie, and Billy

Trails: Sexy Beast, Hood River Super-D Course

Miles: approx. 12

Highlights: The CAT bus is an awesome mid-week option — $2 a head!, showing Billy from Bend our backyard trail network

Bummers: None!

Next Up: Oakridge Super-D, #3 in the Oregon Super-D Series


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