Harlot News!

Lots to tell today. As we prep for the longest, most challenging race of the Oregon Super-D Series, we are super excited to announce that we have a new teammate! Our friend, and fellow shredder, Stephanie Armesto will be joining the Harlots for the remainder of the season and next year. Welcome aboard, ya little ripper!

The other piece of huge news is that we have a new title sponsor, Dirty Fingers Bicycle Repair, our favorite local bike shop in Hood River. They’re coming on board with jerseys and bike repair support. Find them and like ’em on Facebook, and if you’re in the Gorge, stop in and say hi. The Dirty Harlots? Oh yes, it’s fitting!

Finally, Volcanic Bottle Shoppe in the heights in Hood River has also signed on as a sponsor. With more than 180 beer labels in stock, 6 rotating taps, wine by the glass and bottle, all to be enjoyed in the super cozy beer garden, this place is a post-ride must. Like them on Facebook to keep up with all the latest!
We’re so psyched for all the local love, and look forward to representing!
Wish us luck in Oakridge this weekend!


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