Race Report: Oregon Super D, Race #3, Oakridge

How does approximately one race-pace hour of insane views, grueling climbs, and screaming fast descents sound? A few words come to mind, including awesome, fun, painful, and crazy, but the one that takes the top spot is bittersweet.

Late afternoon practice run.

The Oakridge, Oregon Super D (held the first weekend of August, we’re a wee bit behind!) track is all at once the most fun you’ve ever had on your bike during a race and completely masochistic. It turns from permagrin fun one minute to I-need-to-puke-right-now painful the next. With just over a thousand feet of climbing and 4500 feet of descent, this course properly serves it up, with barely a moment to collect yourself for what comes next.

Our friend Diaz representing Turner Bicycles.

This particular race was more than just a race for Hood River participants. Racers and non-racers alike made the trek to Oakridge to help Mitchell, owner of Dirty Fingers Bicycle Repair in Hood River, celebrate his 40th birthday in style. A whole pig was roasted over a bike-powered spit, a number of  kegs and pray tell what other libations were consumed over the course of three days, ice cream was churned by hand — an unbelieveable treat on a hot weekend, and many, many miles of singletrack were ridden in honor of the birthday boy. It was an amazing weekend of camping and biking–the perfect way to spend a birthday!

Go, Gary, go!

Once again, Hood River racers were a commanding presence on the podiums across the categories. See the full results here, and series totals after Oakridge here.

Kelly Nokes took third in the 34 and under class. She'll be joining our team next year!

Hood River ripper Tyler Horton wins the Cat. 1 Men's 19-39 Class yet again.

Our friend Heather definitely won the Best Costume category. Racing sockless in fishnets=hardcore!

Ocean Frog

The Harlots fared pretty well, all things considered. Steph had a crash near the end but still placed 6th, and I had to take a moment off the bike to vomit (!) during a tough climb, collecting myself enough to come in 5th. We loved the course, despite how difficult it was, and maybe it’s the 20/20 hindsight vision, but I’m looking forward to racing the Alpine trail again next year!

The beargrass was in full bloom.

Thanks to all of our sponsors! Harlot Clothing Co., Dirty Fingers Bicycle Repair, Hermosa Tours – Hood River, Five Ten and Volcanic Bottle Shoppe. We’re proud to represent!


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