Race Report: Capitol Forest Classic Super D, Olympia, WA

Two weekends of Super D racing in a row? Oh hell yes! I wasn’t going to miss the chance to race the Greenline 6 trail in Capitol Forest for anything. One hundred percent singletrack, this course has a little bit of everything, from swoopy, bermy sections to rooty, rocky technical goodness that you want never to end. In contrast to the Oakridge course the weekend before, this markedly shorter race was a welcome break for my fatigued legs!

Late evening practice run.

Capitol Forest is located southwest of Olympia, Washington. Local trail stewards the Friends of Capitol Forest do an amazing job building and maintaining the trail network we all wish we had in our own backyards. The sense of community and omniscient good vibes felt at the race venue was second to none; it was easy to see that this a well-loved riding mecca!


I met up with the Sturdy Bitch Racing Team for an awesome weekend of camping and riding.

Love the Sturdy Bitches!

We took several practice runs Friday afternoon.

Trailside snacks.

Later in the evening, husband of one of the Sturdy Bitches, Jeff Lane, and I ended up racing a super short Super-D on a new Whistler-esque trail. Because we were so last minute in deciding to race, our race run was our first time down the course! Full of jumps and hits, well-built berms, and a few “easy” or “hard” lines including a sweet log ride, this trail was so fun we had to sesh it a few times the next day, and once after the race.

A last minute Friday evening Super-D

Susan and Ady of the Sturdy Bitches decided to do the XC race on Saturday. With just over 3,000 feet of climbing and 3,000 feet of descent down Green Line 6, this track had a little bit of everything. Jeff, Marie, Josh, and I decided to shuttle the new trail again instead–call us lazy!

XC running Lemans start.

Later in the day, we ran the Super-D course a couple of times, and then hung out at camp for an awesome potluck.

Race Eve potluck.

Campfire stories.

We were so stoked to be able to choose a category (OBRA sanctioned MTB races only offer two categories for amateur women, divided by age:34 and Under, and 35 and Over–bogus, bogus, bogus!), so I opted to race Expert for the first time in my short racing career.

A little rain, cool temps made for a great race! Virginia takes off.

Full race results here. Be sure to check out Friends of Capitol Forest on Facebook!

Pig spit.

FOCF sure knows how to put on a fun event! Pig spit, tequila bar, and an all-around good vibe turned a fun race into an awesome one. We’ll see you next year!

Tequila Bar -- the Friends of Capitol Forest hook it up!

Susan shredding the XC podium!

Virginia takes the top expert spot, Harlot sighting on 2nd.

The Capitol Forest Classic is another must-do NW event, and very worth the trek up to Olympia! Turbo had just as much fun as we did, and cruised the venue in style.

The Turbo Taxi.

Next up: Sandy Ridge Super-D and finals, September 3-4.


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