Erica Nelson

Age: 38

Number of seasons racing: 2

Race Category for 2012 season: Cat 1 Open 

Favorite type of riding: I love to ride it all!! I love the flow of the perfectly swoopy trail, the challenge of a technical, rocky decent, the speed of a steep downhill, the freedom of catching air. I love the elements of challenge and fear! I like to scare myself.

Favorite trail or place to ride: I feel so lucky to live in the Gorge! My favorite riding is outside my door – Post Canyon and Syncline are my go-to’s. Lewis River for pure beauty, Fall River in the rain for the hot spring reward!

Favorite Race Course so far: Hood River Super D – technical, challenging, fast

Proudest race moment or riding achievement: Having mountain biked the Continental Divide Mtn Bike Route from Canada to New Mexico – self-supported, often solo.

Personal Race or riding goal for this season: Climb fast and catch more air! A podium or two would be nice :-).

Favorite tunes to ride to: The wheezing of my lungs!? And the quiet sounds of my bike working perfectly (however rare that might be!). I love getting amped pre-ride with Kings of Leon, Matisyahu, Florence & the Machine.

Preferred post-ride beverage/food: Red wine and popcorn at Dirty Fingers!

When I’m not on my bike, you can find me: Telemark skiing, ice climbing, trail running, on and off-road touring on bike and motorcycle, and scheming of epic adventures to explore this world by human power!

I have a weakness for: dark chocolate, sharp cheddar cheese, and red wine.

One bike accessory/product I can’t live without: Sunflowers!! All my bikes sport sunflowers. And my gravity dropper.

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