Val Vanderpool

 Having grown up in northern Idaho (no she’s not a member of the militia!), Val has spent the majority of her life playing in the woods, fostering her love for the outdoors and nurturing an adventurous spirit that only continues to grow with age. Mountain bike racing is a newfound passion that has brought many new friends, amazing ladies, and insane fun into her life!

Riding bikes is a big part of her life. When she moved to the Gorge from Missoula, Montana a number of years ago, she enthusiastically traded in her skis for fat, nobby tires–simply because she loved that she could ride singletrack in December! She always prefers dirt over any other surface for shredding.

Her faithful companion, Turbo the Three-Legged Dog is her best friend–she loves his tenacity and his unbreakable spirit. What that dog can do on three legs is pretty amazing! (Turbo is also looking for sponsors…)

More about Val

Age: 36

Number of seasons racing: 2

Race Category for 2012 season: Cat. 1 Women’s Open, if we are so lucky to have our own category this year!

Favorite type of riding: Fast and flowy, technical and rocky, and the desert!

Favorite trail or place to ride: Oooh that’s a hard one. I think it’s a tough call between anything in the desert and my home trail system on the Syncline.

Favorite Race Course so far: Tie between Ashland 12-mile Super-D and Capitol Forest Green Line Six

Proudest race moment or riding achievement: Placing 3rd in my category in the 2011 Oregon Super-D series finals

Personal Race or riding goal for this season: Improve climbing, endurance and stamina

Favorite tunes to ride to: Dance and metal

Preferred post-ride beverage/food: Margaritas, chips and salsa. If I’m with Nokesy, white wine!

When I’m not on my bike, you can find me freelance writing, cooking, baking, doing yoga, trail running, drinking wine, playing with Turbo, being nomadic.

I have a weakness for vans. In fact, I’m going to be living in one very soon!

One bike accessory/product I can’t live without: Gravity Dropper, Twenty 6 super hot hot pink flat pedals!

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