Heather Pola

Rather than speaking in the 3rd person, as if some real writer is writing about me, I’m going to tell you straight up.

Firstly, you should probably know that I got my first mt. bike in December of 2010. I knew NOTHING about bikes and decided since I rode a Santa Cruz skateboard as a kid, the bikes with the same name, MUST be just as cool. SO, I messed around on the Santa Cruz bike builder page…and what was born, was a sweet 35 pound Nomad, in regal colors of GREEN and Blue. OceanFrog was born.

I did my first race as a Harlot in August of 2011 down in Oakridge. The only thing I knew, was what costume I was going to rock. Mostly to distract myself from the fact that I was pretty much scared shitless.

Fast forward to NOW. OceanFrog has since retired and sold off to some dude in Florida. Reason being, a local bike shop owner, whom I will refer to as Captain Dick, let me test drive a Devinci! And now, Vince Vaughn is dancing on the trails happy as a pig in poop. I love my bike! And the 26″ wheels, work for me and likely will long enough for the industry to come up with a NEW size, like maybe 32″ so I will be fast and furious in the cougar cat field!

The main reason I’m on this team, is for what it stands for and has evolved to. I like simply playing on my bike with inspiring rad women. And yes, there happen to be some days I race and this usually follows by about 24 hours of telling myself I’m going to really start riding more, so I don’t get my ass kicked so hard. Then that subsides and I just keep playing lalalalalal on my bike.

My main passion, is to inspire humans to play bikes, giveback to the trails, via volunteerism, advocacy, and grow more women into the sport. HRATS is the main catalyst for this, as well as the DF ladies ride. This is all supposed to be fun and grow into even more fun. And what does it for me, is what I just said. Giveback and it grows to have a ripple effect, in what I believe is a positive direction for the sport…both on and off the trail.


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