Nikki Hollatz


2017 Gear Guide

Age: 35

Number of seasons racing: Fourth season racing

Race Category for 2017 season: Pro (Enduro)

2017 Schedule:  Race Cascadia, TransProvence, Sturdy Dirty, Hot on Your Heels Enduro, Grinduro

Favorite type of riding (fast and flowy, steeps, technical and rocky, big jumps, etc.): steep, fast, open, flowy, just about everything except ball bearings

Favorite trail or place to ride: Tahoe

Favorite Race Course so far: Rossland, BC

Proudest race moment or riding achievement: Finishing the TransBC in one piece last year

Personal Race or riding goal for this season: fitter and faster is the game

Preferred post-ride beverage/food: Pfreim Saison and poutine

When I’m not on my bike, you can find me (other sports, interests, hobbies, etc.) On the river kiting, SUPing, running, and/or chasing my mini tornadoes (aka kids) around on adventures

I have a weakness for sunshine, beaches, hammernail, bacon, dark chocolate and hoppy beer

One bike accessory/product I can’t live without (tutus and tiaras count here): hands down flip flops to put on after a ride, a dropper post, and good tires

Industry Affiliates: Pivot Cycles, Smith Optics, Giro, Thomson Bike Parts, Maxxis Tires, Pinkbike



Hole in the Ground Trail


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