Amanda Kohlwey

IMG_1908A smooth blend of  part Jedi and  hummingbird ….graceful as a hawk swooping her prey…AMANDA is ready for the flow! Embarking on her 2nd season of Enduro, she will be dancing on her 29r love! A former softy for xc racing a few chapters back in life, Amanda now enjoys the thrill of Enduro. The travel, the random conversations in between epic Enduro stages. Her smile is the enemies kryptonite…so WATCH OUT!

Some vitals on the lovely Amanda:

34 and counting

Racing Cat II kitty cat

Favorite trails, she ever so adores: Long epic rolling XC with smooth like butter single-track, with a splash of techy and a shot of rocky sections!

Favorite Trail: St. Moritz Switzerland Flow Trail. LOVE to ride in the SW in the SPRING (UTAH & CO).

Favorite Race Course: The ever so BODACIOUS BEND!

Proudest Race Moment: 2nd in the OVERALL for Oregon ENDURO 2012 Cat II kitty

Goal for the season: Keep the RUBBER SIDE DOWN PEOPLE!

Favorite tunes: Ratatat “Meow”

Post ride Beverage: leaning over the bar, gazing at the chalkboard, wondering what the word of the day REALLY MEANS, enjoying a DOUBLE MOUNTAIN beer on tap…sigh.

When Amanda isn’t on the bike, she’s likely kiteboarding, playing outside, cooking, gardening, traveling, SUPing, snowboarding, split boarding, skate skiing.

An all around amazing athlete, Amanda pretty much giddys up in whatever she chooses to play. An animal on the bike and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Cheers to this lady, we are stoked to have this shredder on the team. Oh ya, she’s a nurse by trade, which is great for the team war wounds.

Watch out for this tenacious ball of guts and glory, she’s lighting up 2013 Oregon Enduro!

BONUS information: Amanda totally loves her Gravity Dropper.

To be continued…

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