Ingrid Larouche

Ingrid Larouche is going to represent the Dirty Harlots this year in the Pro Women’s Category, and we know she’s going to do a damn fine job of it! As the 2011 Oregon Super-D Series Champion for her category, and a sponsored Pro Windsurfer currently holding the title of the American Pro Windsurfing Tour Champion for 2011, Ingrid is a seasoned competitor who clearly has what it takes to race Pro this year.

Originally from Quebec, Ingrid splits her time between Hood River and windy places, like Brazil, Maui, and Baja, Mexico. She works as a physical therapist, and has this to say about her lifestyle: “I work hard, and I play harder!”.

True ‘dat, Miss Larouche!

The goods on Ingrid

Age: 35

Number of seasons racing: I started doing some Super-D races about 4 or 5 years ago, but the 2011 season was my first year doing more than 1 or 2 races in a year.

Race Category for 2012 season: Pro women

Favorite type of riding: I like it all; fast, flowly, steep technical and rocky. I like when it challenges me.

Favorite trail or place to ride: Around the Columbia Gorge–Post Canyon, Coyote Cliff at Syncline, or Falls Creek are my favorite places to ride. I like to change it up and I don’t usually ride the same trail every day.

Favorite Race Course so far: I want to say Oakridge. It was my first time riding this trail so it was exciting and new. Can’t wait to go back this season and improve my time!

Proudest race moment or riding achievement: I guess I was pretty happy with my performance at the 2011 Hood River Super-D. I had just got back from Hawaii and had hardly spent any time on my bike prior to racing.

Personal Race or riding goal for this season: Make the Pro Women’s podium.

Favorite tunes to ride to: I mix it up, from Audioslave to Rihanna, anything will get me going.

Preferred post-ride beverage/food: A cold ale

When I’m not on my bike, you can find me: On the river or the ocean windsurfing, or working on my house.

I have a weakness for: Hoppy beers!

One bike accessory/product I can’t live without: My Gravity Dropper.

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