Julie O’Brien

6hrs Hood

Age:       41

Number of seasons racing:  2

Race Category for 2017 season:  Cat 2

Favorite type of riding (fast and flowy, steeps, technical and rocky, big jumps, etc.):  I love letting hours melt by on long, flowy adventure rides.  But, conquering technical and rocky is really fun!

Favorite trail or place to ride:  Surveyors Ridge and Syncline.

Favorite Race Course so far:  Fritter 50 had some golden moments.

Proudest moment or riding achievement:  Cleaning my first chunky rock garden.

Personal Race or riding goal for this season:  Traveling to some new places in search of beautiful views and tacky dirt in August!  I’d also like to work on my drops and jumps.

Favorite tunes to ride to:  Plushgun.

Preferred post-ride beverage/food:  Large Margarita, chicken taco on the side

When I’m not on my bike, you can find me:  Kite boarding or teaching my little kiddos to ski, ride and play tee ball.

I have a weakness for:  Slapstick comedy, and milk chocolate mixed with peanut butter.  Absolutely any combination will do.  Oh, and black licorice, yum.

One bike accessory/product I can’t live without (tutus and tiaras count here):  Dropper post for sure.  Also love my Dexshell waterproof socks in the winter.

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